Frame - A3 - Oak - Barth Clarity


When you purchase a piece of art – you want to see it in its full glory. The purchase of a BARTH frame with Clarity glass sets you off on the right track. 

Ping He Art has selected CLARITY performance glass for all their artworks. 

BARTH Solid Oak Wood frames
When you think of quality, think BARTH by Larson-Juhl. The world’s premier brand of readymade picture frames. All BARTH wooden frames are precision sawed, glued, and joined by hand. Each frame is then carefully post-finished to produce a perfect flat corner, and seamless design.

The glass in front of your work serves the purpose of protecting the artwork from outside elements. While you can see through glass, a lot of reflection is present.

CLARITY is produced using a patented high-tech chemical coating which reduces reflections to less than 1% and is durable and scratch resistantThis special coating also ensures for a 70% UV radiation protection – to help protect your works from fading over time.

BARTH 210 is the classic wood profile, and the best seller. It’s the perfect ratio of width to depth and will stand the test of time.

Front detail: With 2mm extra clear float of Clarity glass and 200 grams natural white, acid free, inlay paper.

Back: Thermo-set Eucalyptus backing board with the BARTH 4-Point hanging system. Stainless steel, engineered components.